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Lean Quiz This test is part of the training course Make Lean Happen. The course is designed to trigger enthusiasm during different stages of Lean implementation, rather than compliance. The course will demonstrate use of Lean tools in practical situations and how using these tools you can modify the behavior of people and transform the organization gradually to the desired (Lean) state.
The test will take less than 15 minutes of your time, and will give you a benchmark of your overall knowledge of the subject matter covered in the program.
We encourage you to send your questions and comments to Hemant Gham
Please read the questions carefully - only one submission is allowed!
The Quiz has to be completed at once - navigation away from the Quiz page will clear out Your selections!
This pre-test is intended to capture your understanding of Lean and Lean culture and help you orient yourself to get maximum benefit from the course modules.
While all answers may have a valid point of view, choose the best answer for each question.
1. Lean is ...

2. The goal of Lean program is ...

3. A Sponsor is the one who ...

4. Lean concepts originated in ...

5. Most important element of Lean transformation is ...

6. The following in NOT a Lean transformation issue:

7. The mantra for Lean transformation is:

8. The metric that is a must to track in Lean is:

9. What makes Lean change sustain?

10. Lean program must be relaunched because

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