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Remote Collaboration: Auditing

Virtual Audits

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  • This training course provides auditors and consultants with practical skills and knowledge that enables them to audit remotely, safeguard digital information they receive from the client, and evaluate the effectiveness of activities conducted remotely.
  • 0.6 CEU credits
  • We issue Certificates that are accepted by IRCA and RABQSA as evidence of continual professional development.
WebBased $145.00 $225.00
This training course consists of a series of lessons, case studies, interactive exercises, and quizzes.
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Learning Objectives
Who Should Attend
Course Outline
More Information
1. Virtual Collaboration
    1.1. Basics of Virtual Collaboration
    1.2. Elements of Virtual Audits
2. Working Virtually
    2.1. Tools and Technologies
         2.1.1. Email and Messaging
         2.1.2. Conferencing
         2.1.3. Blog and Wiki
         2.1.4. Communication Plan
    2.2. Organizing Virtual Collaboration
         2.2.1. Web 1.0 and Web 2.0
         2.2.2. Mix of Communication Forms
    2.3. Virtual Meetings
         2.3.1. Sharing Video
         2.3.2. Using plain language
         2.3.3. Paraphrasing
         2.3.4. Information Capturing 
3. Virtual Distance
    3.1. Virtual Distance
    3.2. Virtual Workforce
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