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Innovation Best Practices

The main purpose of this training course is to guide consultants, auditors, process and business leaders through best practices in managing innovation as a process. The material of this training course is structured around four major elements of innovation process: inputs, outputs, controls, and activities. Each of these elements is explained using case studies, tests and practical examples. The course material helps participants choose innovation best practices applicable to the businesses which with they are concerned, and apply these practices to enhance consistency, reliability, and effectiveness of innovation activities. Integration of these practices into an overall management system is explained as well. This course also explores interrelations between innovation, invention and improvement.

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Innovation, invention, improvement, and execution – these four words determine successes and failures in business. It is commonly accepted that the best way to manage execution and improvement is through process definition, planning, measurement, and control.
Application of a process approach to manage innovations and inventions is still not very clear for many businesses. Companies that believe that innovation occurs by chance and rely on “invent-it-ourselves” can find their businesses on a path to diminishing returns. Real innovation leaders look at both internal and external sources for innovation. They also use technology and networks to seek out new ideas, measure innovation processes and link them to revenue growth, resource allocation, people development, performance evaluation and rewards.
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Natalia Scriabina
Natalia Brattan (nee Scriabina) has a background in training, consulting and auditing. Natalia authored and co-authored a number of publications on quality management, innovation management, social responsibility, business sustainability, and related topics.
Natalia is a member of ASQ and an ISO 9001 QMS Lead Auditor certified by RABQSA and IRCA. She has gained hands-on experience as an external auditor with NSF-ISR Inc. and as an internal auditor with BlackBerry Inc. Natalia has authored and co-authored multiple publications on quality management, innovation management, social responsibility, business sustainability, and related topics. Natalia has earned a Masters degree in Engineering Sciences from the National Technical University of Ukraine (NTUU “KPI”) and working on her PhD in the field of Business Sustainability Studies at the University of Waterloo.
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