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Project Management: Getting Things Done

Navigating ISO 21500 Guidance on Project Management

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Online Resources
Project Management vs Quality – How to Stop Making Each Other Crazy! by Karen Creditor
ISO 21500:2012 Guidance on project management
Check your knowlege of project management principles and methods
This course provides a survey of the ISO 21500 Guidance on Project Management, with practical implementation to inspire quality professionals and project managers to work collaboratively using a common framework. The course focuses on the benefits, methods, and techniques required for the successful navigation of the Guidance, with an emphasis on translation into practical results aligned with ISO 10006 Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects.
We issue Certificates that are accepted by IRCA and RABQSA as evidence of continual professional development.
  Price (USD)
WebBased $129.00  
Quality in Project Management course consists of a series of lessons, quizzes, interactive exercises, and real world case studies.
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Learning Objectives
Who Should Attend
Course Outline
More Information
Key results
  1. Introduction
        1.1 What is the Guidance for Project Management?
        1.2 Previous Publications
        1.3 Goals & Learning Objectives
        1.4 Why Should We (and our management) Care?
  2. Speaking the Language
       2.1 Life at the Tower of Babel
       2.2 Terms & Definitions
       2.3 General Concepts
           a. Organizational & Environmental Constraints
           b. Relationships Among the Players
           c. Projects and Project Managers
          d. Quality Management
  3. Organizational Strategy, Project Management, and You
       3.1 Project Strategy
       3.2 Aligning Projects with Strategic Opportunities
       3.3 Realizing Benefits from Quality & Project Management
       3.4 The Realities of Collaboration
       3.5 The Challenges of Integration
       3.6 Organizational Boundaries
       3.7 Who’s In Charge?
           a. Program Management
           b. Portfolio Management
           c. Operations Management
       3.8 Stakeholders & Project Governance
       3.9 Sharing the War Stories
  4. The Project Life Cycle
       4.1 Initiation
       4.2 Planning
       4.3 Implementing
       4.4 Controlling
       4.5 Closing
  5. Project Management Processes
       5.1 Process Groups vs Subject Groups
       5.2 Relationships and Interactions
       5.3 Living the Processes
           a. Developing Plans
           b. Directing and Controlling the Project
           c. Schedules, WBS, and Costs
           d. Changes, changes, and more changes
       5.4 Risk Management
       5.5 Planning & Managing Project Quality
       5.6 Operations Management
           a. Suppliers & Procurement
           b. Production Planning
       5.7 Communication
  6. Walking the Walk
       6.1 Quality & Project Management Common Cause
       6.2 Project Excellence
       6.3 Continuous Improvement
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